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Elite team

The Beijing Film Academy is the main force. The high-quality team of Beijing university teachers and four film academies graduated from each other. They are the elite film and television production teams of advertising director, visual design director and art director at BBDO, ADK and JWT International 4A. Professionals like the field of vision.

The untamed personality and the confidence of Dazhan Hongtu make up today’s Sunshine Coast, the first visual sense of film standards, high-grade design connotation, the highest-end digital shooting equipment on the market, sophisticated post-production, high-demand product review , repositioning the market trend of high-end wedding dresses that are not expensive.

Passionate and energetic in the 70s, there is a pragmatic spirit of the boring sinus-like fearlessness and the thicker virtue, the willingness to learn, the diligence and the carefulness. Sophisticated equipment and exquisite photography skills, breaking the tradition, using the technical strength of film production, used in ordinary customers’ wedding dresses, photo, “one-on-one” service, value-for-money, personalized service to
win customers Recognition. Maximize your benefits.